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About SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0

The SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 is a personality assessment based upon the Five Factor Model of Personality which has become the standard for psychologists, coaches and counsellors around the globe. The SchoolPlace was specifically written in schoolplace terminology to be used for students in secondary and higher education between the ages of 12 to 22.





Define Strengths, Talents And Gifts Based On Personality

Schools, colleges, and universities can introduce students to the Big Five Model with SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ 4.0 to help students with their personal development, college and coursework decisions, preparation for internships and career choices. Organisations can use the SchoolPlace to hire students coming into the work world directly from an educational setting.

This enhanced self-awareness plants a seed of hope, creates confidence and empowers students to visualise and set into motion their career goals through high school into secondary education or vocational school.

Students who are more aware of their personality are better equipped to answer the question “Who am I?”, are more engaged in classwork, and make more confident decisions. The SchoolPlace personality
assessment helps youth raise academic standards, develop a positive sense of self, and explore diverse college and career options.


Characteristics of The Big Five Supertraits

Just like an orchestra which uses different instruments to create a beautiful piece of music, characteristics of individuals consist of behaviour patterns, cognition and emotions. According to the Big Five model, the way we handle the following five areas reflect our personality.

Based on empirical researches, the Big Five profiling tool demonstrates a high level of consistency, validity and reliability in its assessment in helping students to understand their unique makeups.

The Big Five Model has five supertraits that is correspondent with the five areas where personality is exemplified. These five supertraits are powerful shorthand for referring to complex and subtle patterns of individual differences. Each of the five trait names represents thousands of specific genetic characteristics. Combinations of these genes determine the basis of specific behaviours, and it is then common co-occurrence of many of these behaviours in people that lead us to speak of ‘traits’. A trait is a set of behaviours that normally occur together in the same person.

The score for each supertrait obtained through the profile will be a number that represents a point on a continuum.



Programme Topics

Career Counseling/Coaching

When you combine personality traits with the Center for Applied Cognitive Studies Career Guider and Learner report, a coach may then assist a student to capitalise on strengths, minimise challenges, develop a career plan, help the student select the right educational programme, prepare for their
career, and studies effectively.

Team Building

In a team building session using the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™, students will learn about themselves, their teammates, and how to improve communication and teamwork with others. This type of session is appropriate for cooperative learning teams, study teams, project teams, and sports teams as well as community volunteer teams.

Leadership Development

In a leadership development session using the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™, students will learn about their personality profile and how it relates to the typical leader profile. They will also learn strategies to compensate for their natural behaviors in instances where they differ from the typical leader profile, discovering what one can and cannot change.

Self-Discovery Workshop

Through the use of the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ personality assessment and the Lifeskills Enrichment’s customised workshop, students participate in exercises in self-discovery and a proven decision making method where they learn how to make informed choices about schools and future careers. The assessment is tailored to students who are preparing to make some important decisions. The workshop experience will provide students with the tools to engage in the decision making process, resulting in a well thought-out plan.

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