PresentationWorks TM

Emerging Presenters To Excellent Presenters

Programme Description



PresentationWorks™ is designed to help students develop and enhance their presentation, training and public speaking capabilities. Students will learn to present, train and speak with purpose, passion, presence and poise.



Programme Features

This programme is delivered through the use of varied instructional means such as short lectures, personal discovery tools, group participative activities and role-play.

The learning environment is intended to be highly experiential, interactive, informal and fun!



Module 1:

Preparing Your Lesson Plan

Module 2:

Managing Logistics

Module 3:

Running Rehearsals

Module 4:

Knowing Your Audience


Module 5:

Opening A Session

Module 6:

Training Methods And Techniques – When And How

Module 7:

The E.N.G.A.G.E Model For Effective Public-Speaking

Module 8:

Classroom Management


Module 9:

Effective Evaluation

  • Obtaining useful feedback
  • Formal vs. Informal Evaluation
  • Personal Reflections
  • Future Planning

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