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Programme Description


LifeWorks™ is a holistic and comprehensive programme designed to help students develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. Over a period of four to five years, students will learn to unlock their personal potential, manage relationships and various life situations using the four keys.



Programme Features

Educationally And Developmentally Sound Curriculum
LifeWorks™ adopts a Spiralling Curriculum (Jerome S. Bruner) which revisits basic ideas and skills repeatedly, reinforcing them until students develop a firm level of understanding and competency.

Targeting Critical Life Skills
LifeWorks™ aims to empower students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to manage a wide range of life experiences – the ability to recognise and manage emotions, to develop care and concern for others, to establish positive relationships, to make responsible decisions, and to handle challenging situations constructively and ethically.

Reliable And Research-Based Tools
LifeWorks™ utilises scientific tools (as seen in the above diagram) produced by StudentKeys®, a division of PeopleKeys® and DISCInsights™.

These short but accurate self-scoring assessment tools are designed to identify students’ natural personal strengths in several critical areas and aim to enhance communication, learning and motivation. They also guide students in their study skills and career choices.


Curriculum Framework

The customisable modules for the 4-Level Programme are:

WhoLevel 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
WhyTo enhance students’ understanding of their personality strengths and motivations to help them better relate to their peersTo equip students for effective personal managementTo identify and develop students’ motivational, learning and thinking styles so that they can adopt a strength-based approach to learningTo assist students to make informed choices when they select their subject combinationTo equip students in
the areas of personal and interpersonal effectivenessTo enable students to better manage stress, time, priorities and inter-personal relationships
To enhance students’ career awareness and to assist them in career exploration and planningTo help students make informed choices and set realistic goals so as to achieve their career goals
(Some customisable modules)
  • Discover Your Natural Strengths, Motivation and Uniqueness
  • Managing Self, Managing Others
  • Sharpening Your Communication and Relational Skills
  • The Personality Style
  • The Perceptual Learning Style
    – Learning Freely
  • The Cognitive Thinking Style
    – Thinking Unlimited
  • LearningKeys™ In Action
  • Managing Stress Before It Manages YouTime Management And Goal Setting
  • The THINKing Workshop
  • From Self-Esteem To Significance
  • Know Your Strengths and Direction
  • Defining Your Personal Brand
  • Know Your Personality, Interest, Values, Talents And Abilities
  • Road Map To Success
Social Awareness
Social Awareness
Social Awareness



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