Critical Thinking Skills

Empowering the Mind to Better Decision Making

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Critical Thinking is an essential skill every individual must be equipped with in this fast paced, technology enhanced society. Because of the influx of information youths are receiving from the internet, many have adopted a sense of artificial maturity that they have a know-it-all mentality. They have too much information, too fast and furious with too little skills in understanding or interpreting these information.

The truth of the matter is that youths no longer require an adult for information; but rather, they require skills to critically assess and make use of this information, translating them into knowledge. Critical Thinking is instrumental in ensuring that youths of today will be able to think through everyday situations and making responsible decisions along the way.


Programme Features

This programme seeks to impart students with 6 core Critical Thinking competencies where they can apply in projects and day to day interactions with challenges and situations.

What other perspectives can I see from?

What are these perspectives telling me?

What meanings/ relationships can I infer from these data?

How can I ascertain that my conclusions are sound/ rational?

How can I phrase new arguments to substantiate my claims?

Am I open to different perspectives that challenge my claims?



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