Exploring Careers by Understanding Personal Strengths

Programme Description


CareerKeys™ aims to help students construct their personal roadmap to career success. This is done through the use of self-assessment instruments and interactive exercises to uncover their personal distinctiveness.

Uncovering one’s ideal work requires an individual to consider three essential domains:




Programme Features

Theoretical Orientation 

The theoretical orientation of the CareerKeys™ programme is based on two notable career development theories, namely Donald Super’s Developmental Self-Concept Theory and John Holland’s Theory of Career Choice.

Donald Super’s greatest contribution to career development has been the emphasis on the importance of the development of self-concept. He believes that self-concept changes over time and develops as a result of experience.

John Holland’s theory explains work-related behaviour – which career choices are likely to lead to job success and satisfaction; how people of the same personality type working together in a job create a work environment that fits their type; and how people search for environments where they can use their skills and abilities to express their values and attitudes.

In helping teachers to engage the students on their career exploration and planning, they will be posed three questions which act as guideposts on the student’s individual journeys.

Programme Benefits

Through the programme, students will:

  • Become more aware of their personal strengths and learn to manage their limitations
  • Develop a balanced self-image and a greater awareness of others
  • Discover and appreciate personality strengths, multiple talents, work and intrinsic values, interests, abilities
  • Learn how to effectively consider personal strengths and academic abilities in career selection
  • Deepen their understanding of career choices and study options available to them
  • Set achievable academic targets so as to realise their career choices



Identifying Personal Strengths and Direction

Students are given a preliminary assessment to help them understand where they are currently. Having a sense of where they are heading and knowing their natural strengths will enable students to create a concrete and achievable career progression plan. The aim of this component is to heighten students’ self-awareness in terms of personal strengths as well as their educational and occupational aspirations.



Defining Your Personal Brand, Talents, Skills, Values and Interests

We need clarity about our Personal Brand which consists of our identity and unique qualities in order to chart our career path. The aim of this component is to gear students towards discovering their personal brand and how this can dovetail with their ideal career. Students will also discover the internal motivators that direct their personal decisions.

Students will apply their understanding of personality styles to find careers which match their preferences. This will be done using tools like DISCInsights™ Personality System, the Career Choice Workbook, Values Clarification exercises and the Ministry of Education’s eCareers portal.



Goal Setting & Action Planning

Upon having enhanced clarity regarding their personal branding and direction, we will guide them to make feasible action plans towards fulfilling their career goals. The students will be made aware of the academic grades as pre-requisites of their self-set goals.

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