Career Professionalism

Exploring Careers by Understanding Personal Strengths

Programme Description

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Good career management is the spring board for building successes in our students’ lives. Besides finding compatibilities which will make individual happy with their choices in life, their personal dispositions are equally important in career management.

There are two skills that will benefit students in managing their dispositions effectively:

  • Resume Writing and Interview skills;
  • Personal Grooming and Social Etiquette skills.




Programme Benefits

Through the programme, students will:

      • Become confident in presenting and marketing themselves
      • Equipped with the crucial skills for course application, job application and scholarship application
      • Become aware of the dos and don’ts when they go for interviews and making a good impression for the first time at any important occasion



Programme Outline


LE_Career-Professionalism_Resume_Interview LE_Career-Professionalism_Personal-Grooming_Social-Etiquette
  • Career management in the 21st Century
  • Personal Statement and resume writing
  • Self-marketing via social media
  • Different kinds of Interviews
  • Conquering the ‘Google’ interview
  • Personal Grooming
    – Why is personal grooming important?
    – What is personal grooming?
    – Puberty and managing it
    – Hairstyle and facial hair
    – General body and skin care
    – Attire and first impressions
  • Social Etiquette
    – Why are social etiquette skills important?
    – What is social etiquette?
    – General body language
    – Daily living etiquette
    – School and work etiquette
    – Social network etiquette

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