The Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles

A Personalised Learning Strategy

Programme Description

The Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles Model, developed by the late Dr Rita Dunn and Dr Kenneth Dunn of St John’s University in New York, is one of the most well-researched learning style models in the world. With more than 30 years of research work with over 850 studies conducted in more than 135 institutions, it has a solid research base, along with ongoing studies of best practices in learning centres around the world. Every piece of research has consistently testify that when anyone is taught according to this model, their academic achievement improves, as does their attitude, self-discipline and outlook towards the future.




Programme Features

Learners tend to demonstrate patterns in the way they prefer to deal with new and difficult information and ideas. The majority of us are most confident and successful when we approach difficult tasks by using our strengths. Learning Style, according to Dr Rita Dunn, is the way in which individual learners begin to concentrate on, process, absorb and retain new and difficult materials. Each of us has a unique way of learning and processing information.


Programme Benefits

When personalised learning strategies are implemented, the following benefits take place:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Individual responsibility for learning
  • Improved learning attitudes
  • Enhanced self-leadership
  • Strengthened communication
  • Improved performance in educational and work-based learning environments

It is only when we are applying our strengths in learning, will we become more efficient, more productive and more successful.


Programme Approach

The Dunn and Dunn Learning Styles model encompasses 28 essential learning that is divided into six strands:



Learning Style Online Report

The Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles Model uses a series of assessment tools. The assessments identify individuals’ unique learning style and the resulting reports offer comprehensive insights and strategies that promote academic achievement and improved performance.

The tools are as follow:





ELSA™ (Elementary Learning Style Assessment) for Ages 7 – 9
LSCY™ (Learning Style: The Clue to You!) for Ages 10 – 13
LIVES™ (Learning in Vogue–Elements of Style) for Ages 14 – 18
BE® (Building Excellence) Survey for Ages 17 & Up

The personalised report includes a one page overview, a brief summary overview, detailed narrative descriptions and recommended strategies.

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