P.O.E.M way of Project Management

Planning. Organising. Executing. Monitoring.

Programme Description

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Being self-directed in learning is becoming a critical must have skill for leaders.

One of the ways where leaders can be trained to become more self-directed is through project management.

P.O.E.M Way of Project Management is one of Lifeskills Enrichment’s well-received leadership development programmes where professional project management skills are imparted and demonstrated to the student leaders.



All successful projects fall back on effective and thorough planning. Students will be taught on how to generate new ideas through the design thinking methodology.


Plans must be put into fruition in order for it to be successful. In this phase, students will be taught how to manage and account for the resources given to them in the project. (For example, Money, Time, Manpower, etc)


In this phase, projects are getting the full momentum and are running. Students are taught how to be flexible in managing the different changes during the execution of projects and how they can manage both people n tasks in these situations.


Monitoring phase happens throughout the whole project management. Students are taught how to use new media (For example, Facebook, Google Docs, Emails, WhatsApp, etc) to help in the facilitation and smooth running of the project. They are also taught the importance of being accountable and responsible.


Programme Features

This programme is delivered through the use of varied instructional means such as short lectures, group participative activities and role-play so as to maximise learning.

The learning environment is intended to be highly experiential, interactive, informal and fun. Students can also be guided along their projects through coaching sessions with certified coaches from Lifeskills Enrichment. It further enriches their experience and enables them to be more effective and efficient.

As shown in the diagram above, this programme brings the students through four phases of effective Project Management (P.O.E.M approach).


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