LeadershipWorks TM

Empowering Students with Vital Leadership Skills

Programme Description


LeadershipWorks™ is a comprehensive curriculum designed to expand each student’s leadership capacity. It is highly customisable to incorporate different leadership models such as The Student Leadership Challenge®, Habitudes®, 5 Levels of Leadership, Servant Leadership etc.  This is conducted over four levels (Personal Leadership > Peer Leadership > People Leadership > Public Leadership).

Students will progressively learn to lead and nurture other leaders through..



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Programme Features

Enlarging Circle Of Personal Influence And Impact
LeadershipWorks™ aims to first develop the leader from within; followed by helping the leaders to reach out to those around them and eventually impacting the public and the community.

Educationally And Developmentally Sound Curriculum
LeadershipWorks™ adopts a constructivist curriculum (Jerome S. Bruner) which revisits basic ideas and skills repeatedly, reinforcing them until students develop a firm level of understanding and competency. Students gradually attain a rich breadth and depth of knowledge and skills that are generally not developed in curricula where each topic is discrete and unrelated to each other.

Equipping Fundamental Leadership Competencies
The programme focuses on equipping students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for them to become leaders in their own rights – leaders who are responsible, resilient, confident, effective and nurturing. The intent is to develop a “complete” leader and not someone who simply has a collection of leadership skills.



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