Empowering Student Leaders to Lead, Equip, Authorise and Develop

Programme Description



LE_LEAD_Graphic-1The L.E.A.D™ programme empowers student leaders to become effective in their differing spheres of influence. Student leaders enrolled in this school-wide programme will learn to Lead, Equip,
Authorise and Develop themselves as well as those around them.

It is a minds-on and hands-on programme where learning extends into the very context where they serve and lead. Situated learning, which is supported with relevant coaching, will help student leaders run effective activities, and more importantly, expand their leadership capital.

The programme aims to first develop student leaders from within, then growing their leadership influence to the people around them. Eventually, it extends and heightens the leaders’ impact to the greater community.



Developmental Plan & Approach

LE_LEAD_Graphic-2The L.E.A.D™ programme is anchored on the established wisdom that personal growth is the best facilitator by real-life experiential learning, and guidance from supportive mentors and coaches. Student leaders will not only undergo theoretical and practical training modules during two separate camps but will also be mentored by trained coaches from Lifeskills Enrichment over the entire programme period.


Measurable Development Outcomes


Through the learning process, we will assist in quantifying the leadership development of the leaders through a Pre & Post Evaluation of their Leadership Traits Progression using SLPI.

Through systematic guidance and assessment, coupled with conscientious goal-setting using Leadership Development Action Plans, we will enable student leaders to move successfully from established intentions towards their preferred outcomes.

The Student Leadership Practices Inventory (SLPI) Online

TSLC utilises the leading industry 360-degree assessment tool, SLPI, to help leaders assess the extent to which they use The Five Exemplary Leadership Practices® hence allowing for intentional improvements.




Programme Features

The L.E.A.D™ programme begins with The Transformational Leadership Camp (3D2N) which aims to build student leaders’ understanding of their current leadership strengths and limitations.

Throughout the whole duration of the programme, we will provide Leadership Coaching for student leaders, using Solution Focused Coaching (SFC), an approach which is solution-based and future-oriented.

Coaches will provide Events-based Guidance to guide student leaders as they plan and execute student-led events and activities. Working closely with the school staff, our experienced coaches will provide pre and post event consultations. The purpose is to help student leaders to improve event outcomes and grow as managers and leaders.

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