Facilitating With Style

Nurturing Other Leaders Through Facilitation

Programme Description

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As any leader will tell you, growing and nurturing the next generation of leaders is no simple task of asking and telling but rather one of nurturing and eliciting. Hence, helping student leaders in developing the skills necessary to nurture the next generation of leaders is vital in creating an effective leadership culture.

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Training methodology

The training will take place with short lectures, video clips and structured experiential activities that will enable students to practice the techniques they have learnt. Coaching can also be incorporated into the training to further help students.


Programme Outline

Roles of a Facilitator

  • Who is a Facilitator?
  • Identifying the Importance of Facilitation Today
  • Core Practices of a Facilitator
  • Building Rapport with your Audience
  • Stages of Facilitation

Listening and Questioning Skills

  • 3 Levels of Listening
  • Questioning Techniques
  • The Logical Levels

Handling Difficult Behaviours in a Group

  • Identifying the Difficult Behaviours
  • Overcoming such Behaviours
Conducting Activities as Facilitators
  • Stages of an Activity
  • Facilitators’ Role in an Activity

Reflections and Debriefing Skills

  • Process of Reflections
  • The SAT Way of Debriefing
  • How to get Constructive FeedbackWho is a Facilitator?

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