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Programme Description

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LE_CTLC_AP_LPICoaching with The Leadership Challenge® (CTLC) is designed to enhance one’s leadership development using the well-researched framework and tools from The Leadership Challenge® (TLC) by bestselling authors Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Approaching leadership as measurable, learnable and teachable set of behaviours, this proven leadership model proclaims Leadership is Everyone’s Business.


Solution Focused Coaching Approach

The two-day TLC Training also incorporates the Solution Focused Coaching (SFC) Framework, which enables one to integrate both the leadership and coaching framework. Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between coaching and excellent leadership skills. The tying together of these two competencies will bring about practical and personalised solutions for attaining the desired outcomes and in seeing lasting change both in themselves as others.


This phase allows the coachee to establish a common understanding and platform with the coaches so that they will be able to ascertain and measure whether the coaching session is effective.  After the contract has been established, the coach and coachee will then be able to craft out a desired outcome through the use of the four planning questions. This will enable the coachee to focus on the outcomes and not be distracted by potential “noise”.  With the use of the different coaching tools, the coachee will be guided to explore and derive their personalised action plans so that they will be implemented and worked on.  This phase allows both the coach and coachee to celebrate the success of the importance of coming up with an action plan. This is a critical phase as this serves as the launch pad for the coachee to begin their journey of change.  Action Plans may be reviewed and refined during the course of action. In this phase, the coach and coachee will evaluate on the success of the action plans and hone it, thus making it stronger and more robust. 



Programme Benefits

Each programme participant will:

  • Understand the specific behaviours and actions of exemplary leadership
  • Identify your own personal strengths and areas for improvement as leaders
  • Develop an action plan and determine actions for becoming better leaders by increasing the frequency and comfort with which you engage in various leadership behaviours
  • Apply The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership to a current environment challenge
  • Understand and apply the steps towards interpreting and getting the most out of the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)
  • Integrate the leadership practices with the Solution Focused Coaching framework to train and mentor leaders





Programme Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Coaching with The LeadershipChallenge®

Module 2: Principles of Solution Focused Coaching
Coaching Practice – Listening with Global Ears and Asking Powerful Questions

Module 3: Fundamentals of Solution Focused Coaching
Coaching Practice – Contracting and Establishing an Outcome Frame

Module 4: Orienteering

Module 5: Model the Way & Coaching Practice
Coaching Practice – Clarifying Personal Values, Value-Based Self Image

Module 6: Inspire a Shared Vision & Coaching Practice
Coaching Practice – Looking through the 50,000 ft perspective

Module 7: Challenge the Process & Coaching Practice
Coaching Practice – The Disney Model

Module 8: Enable Others to Act & Coaching Practice
Coaching Practice – Stakeholders Exercise

Module 9: Encourage the Heart & Coaching Practice
Coaching Practice – Celebrating the victories, understanding and meeting the “Why is it Important” question

Module 10: Developing a Leadership Development Plan
Coaching Practice – Completing the Coaching Arrow

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