Our Team


IAN TAN Chief Enabling Officer

As the Chief Enabling Officer (CEO), Ian began his journey in Lifeskills Enrichment with a desire to “touch and transform lives through teaching time-honoured truths”. Aligned with his motivational DNA, he sees his primary role as the CEO is to influence and impact his team. He has an innate capability to intuitively identify their strengths and limitations and spurring them to action by being supportive, encouraging and motivating them to grow, develop and become stronger. His special interests in research, training and consultancy are in the fields of human potential, psychometric tools, leadership, psychology, learning and personal effectiveness. His greatest fans are his wife and his two daughters.

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YEO GEK POH Senior Office & HR Manager

As the Office & HR Manager with Lifeskills Enrichment and with more than 40 years in the advertising industry plus 5 years in the education arena holding various top management positions, Gek has earned her respect as a mentor and advisor by all whom she has worked with – both young and old. Despite her matured age, Gek’s sense of responsibility to the team and her strong work ethics, combined with her first-class attitude, project the professionalism that is envied by all, including clients. Gek values people, trust and integrity, endeavouring to live out her ideals in the different aspects of her life which she finds insightful and personally enriching. In her free time, Gek enjoys shopping and keeping abreast on current issues. On the family front, she derives immense pride from her two grown-up son and daughter.

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BENJAMIN AW Principal Programme Design Architect

Benjamin is the Principal Programme Design Architect for Lifeskills Enrichment since 2012. He has help clients developed training solutions that help impact youths and adults in the area if Leadership, Career and Lifeskills. Benjamin is also ICF Certified  Executive & Life Coach, Certified Behavioural & Career Consultant, Advanced Behavioural Analyst, Certified Global Career Development Facilitator & Coach, Certified Facilitator for The Student Leadership Challenge® and Certified NLP Master Practitioner. Being the programme design architect of the classroom division in Lifeskills Enrichment, Benjamin is charged with creating and executing a progressive training curriculum that is in line with the schools goals and helps the students be their best. Throughout his experience as a Trainer and Coach, he believes in providing long-term impactful solutions that gravitates people into understanding more about themselves and take actions to improve themselves and their lives. In his programmes, he uses a variety of different experiential and facilitative methods to flesh out learning concepts and propel participants to become the best of what they can be.

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JANICE TAN Programme Design Architect

Educating the next generation has been Janice’s heartbeat, which led to her active involvement in the field of education after her graduation. Janice holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education- Teaching and educated young lives in the early childhood field before joining Lifeskills Enrichment as a programme consultant. She continues to exemplify the heartbeat of educating and transforming lives by customising programmes that would help bring out the greater versions of themselves. On top of her education qualifications, Janice is also a Certified Behavioural and Career Consultant, a Certified Career Guidance Coach and a Certified Facilitator for The Student Leadership Challenge® Workshop. Janice is also currently pursuing her Bachelors in Psychology and Sociology with UniSIM and is expected to graduate in Jun 2018. Outside of work, Janice is an adrenaline junkie who loves roller coasters and she enjoys running on a regular basis to boost up her health. She is also a cook that enjoys whipping fusion dishes that is out of the norm.

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KEVIN YAN IT Solutions Enhancer

Kevin Yan is the IT Solutions Enhancer in Lifeskills Enrichment. What would a company do without a tech guy in this technological advance age? Not much. This is where Kevin Yan comes in. He started out with Lifeskills Enrichment Pte Ltd as a freelance trainer and not long after, as a full time staff. He has done several training sessions with various schools, but his main strength still lies with tech. He is not a knows-all kind of tech guy, but he is good at sourcing out required information to get his job done and resolve technical issues. He is also good at coming up with processes and sieving out potential loop holes and refining it.

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Valerie copy

VALERIE NEO Administrative Executive

Valerie is undeniably a vital cog as an Administrative Executive. With documentation, analysis of training data and office administration being part and parcel of her daily routine,  Valerie is the person to go to in the office. Patience is  not a virtue as she demands efficiency and accuracy in the work  being done. Despite being obsessive to the work done, Valerie is friendly and provides alternative  solutions when  problem arise with a different view.

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